I am an avid follower of the zodiac, and I believe that you can gauge whether are not you are compatible with someone, friendship or relationship, by looking at the compatibility of your zodiac sign with theirs. Now, this is not 100%…not everyone is exactly how their zodiac sign describes them. So it’s always best to get to know someone and familiarize yourself with their sign before giving them the cold shoulder. I am an Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and a fire sign. I am a typical Aries, which means the zodiac description fits me perfectly. A good website that I recommend, if you are in to the zodiac, is http://www.astrology.com.au. I love this site! The descriptions are pretty accurate and detailed. You can also find your sign match and compatibility through this site.

I’ve dated and befriended my fair share of signs and I’m always open to giving everyone a fair chance, even if our zodiac signs aren’t that compatible. Again, it’s always best to get to know someone to see if that person personality matches their zodiac description. Here is my verdict of the signs I’ve interacted with.

Aries (21 March – 19 April) – Are great all around people. They are very adaptable because of their open mindedness. They are very knowledgeable people and are great at sparking up a conversation with people about almost anything. They are also thinkers, which means Aries like to gather and process. Most Aries don’t take things at face value, there has to be more or another way tends to be their thoughts. Aries are explorers; they feel that the world is their playground. Aries also tend to be doers, once they’ve set their mind to something they make it happen. In a relationship or friendship, Aries value their “me time”. They don’t like to feel smothered of over loved. They like to feel just the right amount of love and attention from their friend and significant other. Aries can be quite stubborn but open to others opinions and thoughts. Aries also tend to be very verbal, so don’t be surprised if you meet an Aries that likes to talk. They are very verbal about their feelings and opinions which can sometimes hurt other people feelings. Aries say what they feel it can be a good and bad thing. The one thing that most Aries have in common is that we are impatient, we want things now and we don’t like to wait, especially if it s waiting for other to catch up.

Taurus (20 April -20 May) – They work hard and play hard! They are very concerned about their future and their financial success. My one gripe is that all they talk about is finances. Ok, it’s good that you care so much about them, but I don’t want to hear about that every day. Money is not one thing that I like to stress over and as long as I’m comfortable in my situation, my next move is what and how I can make more. But again, not something I obsess about just thinks about from time to time. Overall, a Taurus is a great person to consider a future with because you know they will do what they need to do to provide.

Gemini (21 May -20 June) – These are interesting people. The twins… their main flaw is their double sidedness. I really think that Gemini’s get the worst reputation because of their double sidedness. Over all I feel like Geminis are great people, once you have earned their trust and you remain on their good side. Geminis tend to be really thoughtful and caring people. They are go getters and they love to explore. Geminis tend to see the glass half rather than half empty. There is always something to accomplish for a Gemini and they like to reap the rewards of their accomplishments.

Cancer (21 June – 22 July) – Sensitive is not even the word. Cancers are great people, but they hold on to things for a while. And once they have a grudge, its on! From reading about their sign, they are pretty decent people. Cancers, in my opinion, have jealousy issues. It’s always best to stay on their good side because you never know how long a Cancer will hold on to something. Proceed with caution.

Leo (23 July – 22 August) – I love Leos. Leos tend to be fun outgoing people. One thing I notice about Leo males is that when it comes to love, they tend to be really indecisive and never really know what they want. Leos also tend to be thinkers , talkers, and listeners which is great if you like to have conversations about what’s going on in society and the world.

Virgo (23 August – 22 September) – I have to break down this category by women and men. Women Virgos and I get along great. They have a good “head on their shoulders” they know what they want and are aggressive when it comes to going after their goals and dreams. Virgo women tend to be out of the box thinkers and are able to understand people easily. Virgo men tend to be a little more distant and sometimes can be out of touch with reality. Virgo men and I get along and we can have fun together, but I would probably leave it as a friendship. Our communications styles are very different; we could both being saying the same thing but neither one of us knows how to make the connection so that our points are understood amongst both parties. It’s unfortunate but it is what it is. Also, one thing I noticed about Virgo men is that they tend to be late bloomers which means it takes them a while to get a functioning career started while female Virgos tend to be the opposite. There is nothing wrong with that, just one thing I noticed about males Virgos.

Libra (23 September – 22 October) – I really don’t know much about Libras because my interaction with them has been limited. From what I read Libras tend to be mellow go with the flow type people and prefer to remain neutral.

Scorpio (23 October -21 November) – *smiles* the good lover rumor is true. I would have to say that all the Scorpios that I have dated tend to be the best at what they do if you get my drift. But as far as being in a relationship with them it’s usually tend to be a fail. Scorpio men and women tend to be that sign who jumps into a relationship, whether it be sexual or a friendship, quickly not fully taking the time to watch it grow. They are very visual, they like what they see and go after it and ask question later. Asking questions later tends to come back and bite them in the ass because they realize the person they were attracted to might not be the person they want to peruse something with for various reasons. This tends to be their downfall and makes it hard for them to function in a relationship.

Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December) – My only interaction is with Sag men. Sag men can be very loving as well as being focused on their future. They tend to be very presumptuous about themselves and their future. Because of that they can be very cocky and walk around like their, for lack of better words, shit don’t stink when in reality everyone’s shit stinks.

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January) – Wow, what can I say. Capricorns tend to be very methodical people and tend to have more conservative personalities. When it comes to their personal life, they don’t share with many people. Their business is their business. Once you earn the trust of a Capricorn they will open up to you more. Capricorns proceed with caution which means they have to get all the facts and analyze them before making a move especially when it comes to the way they spend their money. Because they are analyzers, spontaneity is something you won’t experience much from a Capricorn.

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February) – Another one of my favorite signs! Aquarius tends to be very thoughtful of others. They are likable because of their thoughtful, outgoing and fun personality.

Pisces (19 February – 20 March) – My only interaction has been with Pisces women and I have had good and bad luck with them. I’ve had experience with two kinds of Pisces- the genuine kind and all about me kind. You can tell what category a pieces falls in because of the way they act and how they treat you. Genuine Pisces are there for you ever you need them. They tend to look out for their friends and their family. They are always there to lend a hand and ear whenever they can. The “all about me” kind of pieces tend to be more self absorbed and puts themselves first. This is not a bad thing, but don’t expect them to be a shoulder to lean on or for them to empathize/sympathize with you when you are going through something. They tend to have a more “get over it” attitude. One thing I noticed is that some Pisces have unreal expectations of people and are sorely disappointed and hurt when people don’t meet thier expectations not realizing that it’s hard for anyone to meet an expectation that is above and beyond what someone is capable of.

Again, this is only my opinion, so please don’t take what I say as law. I provided a great website for you at the beginning of this post so please feel free to use it to learn more about your sign and your compatibility of others. Keep in mind that the beginning and end dates of each sign tend to fluctuate depending on what website you visit.

People who birthdates fall on the end of one zodiac sign and the beginning of another tend to have cusp personalities. This means they sometimes have personalities of both signs. If someone you know is born on the cusp, you can look up each sign or some websites will actually have a cusp analysis.