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I heard on the radio today that Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are getting a divorce separated after 30 years of marriage. My first reactions was WHAT THE!!?? They seemed to be a perfect match and they have a beautiful family. What could possibly be going wrong after 45 years together and 30 years of marriage? This further prompted my question: Does love really last forever?  It’s a valid question considering 50%+ of marriage end in divorce. What happened to through thick or thin, till death do us part? Now its more like if things get to tough, I’m making the first appointment available to see a divorce attorney. I’ve never been married, but everyone I know who is married says it’s a lot of hard work but the rewards of having a supportive and loving spouse makes it worth every ounce of energy put into it. Notice how when I said marriage the words hard work and rewards followed it. If you think about it, life is hard work but you don’t see the suicide rate at 50%, do you? Because people are willing to work through life’s problems to take advantage of the rewards that go along with all of their hard work. Although I don’t know Danny and Rhea personally, and I only know what I read about them, I always wonder, if after 30 years of marriage is their love for each other strong enough to overcome whatever problems they are facing. Only time will tell, but I hope they are willing to work through their problems instead of throwing in the towel. So what do you think?