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Why is it that your ex(s) realize they had a good thing with you once your door is closed? Ladies, you know what door I’m talking about. The “door” to your heart that you leave open once you break up with someone. The door is usually wide open (unless you have a shitty ex) and it closes little by little as time goes on. But once its closed, good luck trying to open it because once its closed there is a good chance that the door will never be opened again.

One thing I’ve learned about women is that we are only going to put up with so much before we walk away from the situation and move on. Why can’t men understand that concept? Why do they think its OK to treat us, someone they love or care about, any kind of way? Then, when they are ready (finished doing their dirt), they think that they can just walk back in your life and you will accept them with open arms like all the hurt and pain is easily forgiven with a “I’m sorry, I miss/love you.” I’m  so confused, but then again, men always leave me confused. Why can’t men recognize they have a good thing when they have it, treat it good, and do anything to keep it? Sometimes I think that simple concept is asking too much. Then again it makes me realize what I should expect from the next guy.

“Instead of waiting until its gone, realize its a good thing when you have it.” Celovetalk