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Since when did it become “OK” for men to have a woman on the side (side chick) and when did women start accepting being the side chick? It surprises me that more and more women are OK with being the other woman to a man who is in a committed relationship (girlfriend, married, etc). As a single women I can honestly say that I rather be single than be someone’s woman on the side and any woman with self respect should agree. I’m pretty sure that there are benefits to being the side chick, most of those benefits are material based, but don’t you want your own man? A man that will commit to you, only be with you, and eventually want to spend a life time with you? Lets face it, most side chicks often remain side chick. Sure you might get some time every now and then, maybe a vacation from time to time, sex, and maybe some shoes or a handbag but that’s about it. You will never be the women on his arm at an office party, you will never be introduced to his mother, children, or friends, you will probably never be seen out in public with him. If you think hes going to leave his woman for you, you are sadly mistaken and even if he did he will probably most likely cheat on you with a prettier hotter chick that comes around.  So what are the benefits really?

This blog is not meant to judge or look down who on side chicks. It was written to to tell side chicks to leave other women’s men ALONE and take a look in the mirror and realize that you deserve more than being a thing on the side. You deserve a man who going to love you and only you.