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As we all know, Leap Year only happens once every 4 years (easy way to remember leap year: the presidential election)  because it takes 365 1/4 days for the earth to rotate around the sun. The quarter day takes 4 years to accumulate to an actual day and hence the reason we have February 29th. As I was reading some interesting and wacky facts about the 29th, I came upon one interesting fact. Hundreds of years ago in Ireland it was illegal for a woman to propose to man except on February 29th. This was the one day that a woman could propose to a man legally. If the man didn’t except, he would  be fined. Interesting! This tradition was the plot of the movie Leap Year. So ladies, If you have been waiting for your man to propose to you, maybe this is the day you can propose to him. And if he says no, then fine him (OK not really, but if he pays good for you!).

According to my love horoscope (I’m an Aries) This is supposed to be my year of love. All of the bad karma I have been experiencing in the love department is supposed to be gone for the next 30 years (woohoo!).  Even though I haven’t had the best of luck this year, I haven’t had the worst luck either. So maybe this will be my year of finding true love….only time will tell!