About CE

Am I looking for love? Sure, eventually. If I’m not looking for love, what am I looking for? Right now, I am just looking for someone who is professional, mature, successful, attractive, is looking to eventually settle down, and last but not least: someone who likes me for me.  Let’s be honest, no one is perfect. We all have our faults and our quirks but finding someone who likes all that about you is the key.

I love living in the DMV (Wash DC, Maryland, and Virginia). It’s a great area, minus the cold. Dating in this area, however, has not been the easy. Since I am looking for love, I can only seem to find guys who are interested in anything but. In a world full of sex sex sex, it hard to determine who is in it for the long run. In 2011, I learned a lot about myself, life, and love. I’d like to call 2011 the year I matured emotionally and the year that prompted me to start this blog.

My blog is special to me because I don’t use it as a way to vent about my love life (OK maybe just a little) but more as a tool to share  what I’ve learned with other people. Hopefully my readers can learn from things that myself or others that I know have experienced. I draw my inspiration from everywhere, even reality TV (I watch a lot of it).

Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope you can take away something from it whether it be a laugh or an answer to a question.



6 thoughts on “About CE”

  1. Max Belanger said:

    just read your barking up the wrong tree.. been there myself. Good read!

    yeah, funny enough as a guy, i’m in the same boat. No real dates / potential for something of any significance… hits home when all your friends and sibblings seem to be moving on into to happy ever after. Been on those dates as described in barking up to wrong tree.. so much so i can’t do internet dating anymore as i consider it a complete waste of time.

    anyways, before i bore you anymore

    thanks for the read


    fellow single in MTL

    • Hi Maxime,
      I feel your pain. It sucks that we constantly go out on bad dates 😦 Honestly, the only thing I can say is never give up hope. There have been plenty of times where I get discouraged and take breaks from dating because I can’t bring myself to go on one more bad date. But at the end of the day I know I don’t want to be single forever so I get back out there even though I seem to be continuously disappointed.The only things that keeps me going is hope and that I know that one day I’ll meet the guy I’ve been dreaming about. Chin up and keep hope alive!

  2. emmaobyno said:

    Hi dear wats up hun i really need u in my life lol! emmaobinna96@yahoo.com am waiting

  3. Thanks for replying C! Yep, i agree.. Been on plenty more crappy dates since but i’m keeping my head up and hopefully something materialises itself.

    Have a great day & best of luck from Montreal!


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