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The first date is your time to make a great first impression on the person you are interested in and will ultimately decide if the relationship is going anywhere. Make it count! Since the first date = first impression, you should take some time and put baddate-233x300thought into the date. You don’t want to do too much (which might scare the person away) or to little (which may turn the person off). You want to plan a date that is just right to where you can get to know the person and vice versa. Simple doesn’t always equal doing too little, if you plan “simple” right it could end up being just right.

First– Get to know the person you want to take out on a date. Don’t assume he/she will like a certain type of food, a sports game, etc. If you are unsure…ASK! Never assume that someone likes the same things you like.

The Goal– To get to know someone and make a good impression. Pick a place where both of you will feel comfortable and where it will be easy to get to know each other.


Bar– In case you haven’t heard, This date screams I ONLY WANT TO SLEEP WITH YOU! Why else would you take someone to a place with burgers and fries as the entrée and endless flowing alcohol?

Movie Theater– I am not saying that this is a bad date, it’s just not the best date to get to know someone. Think about it, you are sitting next to someone, in the dark, that you can’t talk to for 1.5-3 hours and chances are you’re taking them home after. Save this for after date # 2.

Chain Restaurant– This date says, I didn’t do any research and I lack creativity. I’m not bashing chain restaurants because some are super yummy, I’m just saying take your date to a place that is known for his/her favorite type of food (and get bonus points if the food is great). There are plenty of resources out there, like yelp.com, to help you find good places to eat.

Sports Games– Unless your date is a huge fan of a certain team, skip this idea.  Chances are either you or your date will be so focused on the game that you won’t have time to get to know each other. Plus, some of these games can go on forever! If your date isn’t really into sports do you think he/she wants to sit there for 2-3 hours watching you enjoy yourself? It is not a bad date idea, just save it until after date #3.

A Friend’s Party or Family function It’s just  super awkward! A. Your date probably won’t know anyone there which could make him/her feel awkward. B. You will be trying to socialize with your friends/family which will leave little time to get to know your date, which could make your date feel awkward. C. Your family will probably ask your date tons of question and tell stories about you when you were a kid that could make both of your feel awkward.  Do I need to go on? It’s just a bad idea. Wait until you are ready to take things to the next level and you want him/her to meet the family/friends.

Leave it up to your date to decide– C’mon…really? The person who does the asking should do the planning (and paying, if you ask me). Enough said.

Club– Again, not a place to get to know someone. Its loud, dark, and there is usually nowhere to sit. Not everyone is a good dancer or likes to dance and you will be wondering what he/she is thinking all night. Skip

Your house/ Your Mom’s house– This is just a bad idea all together. Inviting your date to your house says I’m cheap and Why would I take him/her out when we are just going to end up back here anyway! I’m just saying. Also, letting someone meet your mother too soon sends the wrong signal. It’s a big deal and its shows a woman that you are really interested in her. If that’s not the case, don’t let her meet mom until you want to take things to the next level, ie a relationship.