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Ladies! Why is it that the more a man ignores us the more we go after him? Or the more he treats us like crap the more we want him?  Sure we have all fallen victim to this vicious cycle, but I’m here to tell you to put an end to it! Falling for a guy that is not interested or treats you bad is not a good look. In fact, it will cause you nothing but heartbreak in the future if it hasn’t already. Take a hint, I’m begging you. If a guys likes you or he is interested he will, what I like to call,  “make it happen.” What do I mean by make it happen? He will do what ever it takes to be with you. That means he will make time for you, spend time with you, make an effort, show you (not just tell you) how he feels about you.  If a man only tells you how he feels but doesn’t “make it happen” than that means he’s either not ready for a relationship or he doesn’t want one with you. Lets face it, most guys are bad at breaking things off and expressing how they really feel. You are not making it any easier for him or yourself by trying to keep things going when there is really nothing there. It takes two to be in a relationship, so if one person is making all the effort… than it’s not a real connection.

We all think that we can change someone. You might think maybe if you show him how much you really like him and how accepting you are maybe he will change his mind. WRONG! Again, if a guys really likes you he will show you by his actions. Which means, if he’s treating you like crap or ignoring you his actions are screaming I’M NOT INTERESTED IN YOU or I DON’T LIKE YOU THAT MUCH or AT ALL!!

Wouldn’t it make more sense to put time and effort into a person that actually cares about you and wants to get to know you. Uhh yeah!  I wrote this blog because I am so tired of seeing good girls being treated horribly by guys who are not deserving. Put yourself first and find a man who is willing to do the same 🙂