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Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes. Being that said, there is always a time first date ideasand place for everything, right? The number one mistake that people make on a first date is that they forget the date is equivalent to a first impression. Although there are many first date tips, here are some of the basic dos and don’ts.

  • DO Be A Gentleman– Chivalry is not dead! Don’t forget to open doors and pull out chairs, etc. Ladies love that, contrary to popular belief.
  • DO Show Interest–  Don’t be afraid to tell her how you feel. If you think the date went well, tell her. If you would like to take her out again, tell her. Don’t over do it though, subtlety is key.
  • DON’T talk about Ex’s– Seriously this is an absolute no no! It’s bound to come up, he/she might ask you when is the last time you were in a relationship and what happened. That’s fine, just don’t go into explicit details. Usually on the first date a person is okay with a simple response like, it didn’t work out, we were different, etc.  Save the more in-depth conversation for a later date.
  • DO Be Creative When Picking a Location– If you are not sure where to go, Google first date ideas in your city. Remember, you are trying to impress your date, a first impression is everything.
  • MAYBE Kiss– Don’t force it. You might be feeling him/her but are the feelings mutual? Let these things happen naturally. If you are both into each other, a kiss will happen.
  • DON’T Have Sex– Look, I know there are a lot of articles out there that say having sex on the first date is okay but in reality just don’t do it. Why? Because people judge. Whether its judging you on your performance, size, or your inability to keep “it” to yourself. What has worked for some doesn’t mean that it works for the majority.
  • DO Watch What You Eat– That doesn’t mean only eat salads, what it does mean is that you probably want to avoid eating something super messy…save that for date number two.
  • DO Text or Call After The Date– This is more for the guys, don’t wait two days to text. If you enjoyed your date, don’t hesitate to text and say that you had a good time. Ladies, don’t text first unless he asks you to text when you get home. If a man interested in perusing you, he will text you.
  • DO Be Yourself– Because how else will someone get to know the real you if you aren’t comfortable and  aren’t yourself?