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Girls NiteYou are in a relationship with a guy that you really like and want to be with all the time, we get it. But there are certain times when you shouldn’t bring him along. That time is girls’ night out (GNO). GNO is as sacred to girls as Sunday football gatherings are for guys. You don’t see all of your boyfriend’s friends inviting their girls along do you? Exactly! Guys like their football gatherings because it’s their time to do what men do best, be men! They get to scratch, yell, talk shit, enjoy their favorite sports, and hang out with their best buddies without hearing comments from their women. The same goes for GNO. Girls get to be themselves, talk about their lives, share dating and sex stories, and get advice from their favorite girlfriends. When you add a guy into the mix, it changes the atmosphere. Your friends feel pressured to be on their best behavior, which doesn’t allow them to be themselves, because they know the things they do and say could possibly make your boyfriend look at you differently. And then the question becomes: what’s the point of having a GNO then? Rule of thumb for GNO: If no one else is inviting their boyfriend then don’t invite yours. Period. Don’t even ask to invite him, because of course your friends aren’t going to say no when they really do mind. Instead, ask them if it’s going to be an all girl event. If the answer is yes, then leave him at home.