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Have you ever watched a romantic comedy or love story and thought do real life endings like this really exist? I mean I’m pretty sure they do I guess the real question is how often. I’m guessing not that frequent. After being lied to by Hollywood for years my whole life, I decided to write a blog about the lies Hollywood feeds us women movie after movie, TV show after TV show.

Lie: If a guy likes you, sleeping him will make him like you even more, heck, maybe even fall in love with you.
Truth: Sleeping with a guy that likes you will in no way shape or form guarantee that he will like you more, make you his girlfriend, or fall in love with you.

Lie: If you dump all your drama on a guy he will become your prince charming and help you fix all the wrongs in your life.
Truth: Dumping all of your drama on a guy and expecting him to fix it is a sure way to find yourself alone. You should fix yourself first before getting into a relationship.

Lie: You can screw up royally on a first date but because your funny or quirky a guy will fall head over heals for you.
Truth: Chances are if you mess up on a first date, there probably won’t be a second.

Lie: A guy will eventually see through your bad personality and get to know the real you and eventually fall in love with you.
Truth: Ha, yeah right! If you believe that one, good luck!

Lie: If you put up with Mr. Ass Hole’s shit he will eventually change his ways and turn into a loving man maybe even your husband.
Truth: There is a good chance that no matter what you say or do, Mr. Ass Hole will only change because he wants to. Don’t bother waiting around.

Lie: Once you find a man you love and who loves you, you will have a perfect relationship and will live happily ever after.
Truth: Relationships and marriage are a lot of work, but with the right person you will be working together to maintain a loving relationship.

Lie: Love is easy.
Truth: Love can be challenging, but with the right person it can be rewarding. Key words: RIGHT PERSON.

Lie: Its 2012, woman can have sex with as many guys as men do women.
Truth: While women do have the right to be sexually free, people (especially men) still look down on women who sleep around (I’m just saying, this is what I have heard from men).

At the end of the day, you have to take Hollywood’s fairy tales with a grain of salt. While you can’t make a person be with you, you can prepare yourself (by getting rid of your past drama, hurt, and pain from the last guy(s) for meeting the man of your dreams.