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Giving-Stuff-backHave you ever wondered what you should do with all of you ex’s things AFTER the relationship has ended for good? This question popped up in my head as well.  Besides burning it, I am pretty sure there are many ways you can discard your ex’s things in a SAFE and liberating way.

  • Return It– Clearly this is the most rational thing to do especially if the stuff is of sentimental value to your ex.  Want to avoid seeing the person? Feel free to send them their things via  mail or drop it off when they aren’t home. Don’t forget to include an end all note with any last word your might have (optional).
  • Sell It– Here is where you can cash in on the heartache. Sites  like ebay or craigslist will help make this process a little bit easier. Your trash or diamond tennis bracelet is another man/woman’s treasure!
  • Donate It– Nothing like giving  goods to people who are less fortunate and doing a good deed to get over an ex.  Don’t forget about the tax write off!
  • Keep it- If its something really nice that you got as a gift, you might want to hold on to the item unless it brings up too many hurtful memories.
  • Destroy It– While I don’t recommend this option, it will probably feel good to rip up his/her favorite shirt  then burn the pieces over the fire place. Even though it might feel good, what are you really gaining?