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So I was out with a friend the other day and she introduced me to her friend. He was a nice guy but he was such a bad boy/man hoar. A couple of years back I would have been really attracted to him (partly because I thought I would be able to change him, don’t judge me!), but this time around I was completely turned off! Just listening to him tell me stories of all the girls he had been with was so gross. I really wanted him to leave, but I was being nice. I’m not saying lie about your past, I respect a person who is honest over a person who is a liar or deceitful any day. Just don’t brag about conquering more “countries” than a conquistador.

I also realized that I am no longer attracted to the “ass hole”. Ladies you know what I’m talking about. The guys who thinks he can treat a woman anyway he wants because of who he is and expects girls to fall all over him. Yeah, no thank you Mr. Ass Hole.

Moral of the story: Learning your pattern is important. It was about a year ago that I finally realized I was single because I kept dating Mr. Bad Boy, Mr. Ass Hole, and Mr. Emotionally Unavailable. Only when you identify the problem is when you can come up with a solution. If you keep dating the same kind of men that eventually leave you single, then you should change your dating habits.

Happy Friday!