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During sex…are just words said during sex, nothing more. Ladies, let’s be honest. Guys will say anything when they are in the pleasure zone. ANYTHING! They will tell you they love you, that they want you to have their baby, they want to marry you, etc. ANYTHING! But in reality they don’t mean any of what they say during sex. Men love sex and when they are in the pleasure zone, sometimes they can’t control what they say because the pleasure is so over whelming. Yes, I know it’s unfortunate but it’s a reality.

  • When a guy says “I love you” during sex, he is really means “I love having with bedsex with you so much!” That’s actually too much to say so they will just sum it up in three words.
  • When a guy says “I want to marry you” during sex he’s basically saying “This is so good that I want it forever!” Notice how I said he wants it not you forever.
  • When a guys says “I want you to have my baby” during sex what he is really mean is “I want to have privileges to this for the rest of my life (or at least the next 18 years).”

Bottom line: If he says it while in the pleasure zone, chances are he doesn’t mean it. Guys don’t make life alerting decisions like marriage or having a baby during sex. Sorry, it just doesn’t happen. So if a guy says something like that during sex, take it with a grain of salt.