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Sending naked pictures has become this huge phenomenon that apparently everybody is starting to get into. According to one study, the average person gets a naked or barely dressed pic before the third date. It has become such widely practiced phenomenon that people actually expect them.

If you are into sending naked or scantily dressed pictures of yourself,  here are some rules to follow:

  • Don’t include your face in the picture– Keeping your face out the picture makes it hard to put a name to a body, if you know what I mean.  That way if you ever get elected to congress, you can deny, deny, deny.
  • Don’t include identifiable marks– If you have a birth mark, notable piercing or tattoo, or mole, make sure you try to exclude it from the picture. Again, excluding the identifiable mark makes it harder to put a name to a picture.
  • Make sure the picture is flattering– We’ve all seen unflattering naked pictures end up on twitter, fail blogs, etc. Even though your face isn’t in the picture, your body has the potential to be seen by millions. Wear something or pose in a way that compliments your shape.
  • Take them in advance– If you love to send pictures of yourself, take them in advance instead of upon request. That way you have plenty of time to perfect your pose, pick the right outfit, and pick the pictures that look the most flattering.
  • Save them in a safe place– Just in case your phone/computer gets lost or stolen or you have a nosy ex, make sure the pictures are saved in a place on your phone or computer that is password protected or isn’t easy to get to. Putting a password on your phone or computer isn’t such a bad idea either.
  • Send them via text, not email–  An email is easier to trace back to you than a text.
  • Don’t feel obligated– Just because someone asks you to send a naked picture doesn’t mean you have to. Use your own discretion…it is ok to say no.

Remember- The pictures you send via text have the potential to been seen by other people. Make sure the pictures are as tasteful as possible and represent you the way you would like other people to see you. You don’t have to be slutty to be sexy!