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One of my guy friend asked me If size really matters? My answer is: It all depends on who the woman is. Some women can’t handle big and some women don’t like small. Big is different to some women and so is small.  I won’t really say bigger is better because again, not everyone likes big. Don’t assume because someone has a big penis that means they are better in bed. That’s definitely not the case.

As all men know there are two measurements that determine the size of the penis. That would be the length (how long it is) and girth (how thick it is). The average penis is 6 inches, so anything under 6 inches is below average (usually considered small) while anything above 6 inches is above average (usually considered big). Unfortunately no one has published a study siting the average girth, so I can’t provide you with that information.

The best thing to do is learn how to work with what you have. There are different positions that work better for guys who are shorter/smaller and positions that work better for guys that are larger/longer.  All sex isn’t created equal so there is some truth to “it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the ocean” saying.

For more information on positions,  I suggest Dr. Rachael’s website or follow her on twitter. Shes is a sexologist who has her PhD in Sexology.