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I can’t speak for most women, but there is just something about the allure of dating or being with a bad boy. They have a swag about them that is sexy, appealing, and interesting. It draws you in like a moth to a flame and once you’re in you’re hooked. Surely but slowly, once you’re lured in, you start seeing the real them which leaves you dazed and confused

The one thing about the bad boy is that they all have similar personality traits and characteristics that eventually will be exposed by further getting to know them. So as a Public Service Announcement (PSA), I’ve decided to pass on the bad boy traits so that the ladies can know the signs and look out for them. Dating these days isn’t a walk in the park, so learn the signs and save yourself some heartache.

These are some of the things you are most likely to experience if you date or try to get in a serious relationship with a bad boy.

Charming– They always know what to say and how to make you feel good or feel like you are the only one. They probably have a lot of friends or know a lot of people because of their charming ways. Most people who know them as friends will speak highly of them because they have only come in contact with their charming/likable side.

#’s don’t lie– The amount of people you sleep with is your business. Just make sure you get tested if you choose to sleep around. But bad boys usually tend to have more sex partners than the average. If you ask a bad boy how many people he has been with and his number is significantly more than the amount of men you have been with or he has “lost count” chances are you are dealing with a player. You should always be able to estimate or have a roundabout figure of how many people you have been with.

Hop in, hop out– Bad Boys love to get it in (have sex) sooner not later. Chances are if you go out with a bad boy they will try to get you into bed the first or second time meeting you. What can I say, bad boys work fast!

Selfish– Bad boys will almost always, 95% of the time, put their needs and wants before yours. In the beginning they might have you fooled that they actually care about you and your feelings, when in reality they are really pretending to care. They are not interested in your emotional or physical well being and they only listen to you because you have something they want.

They’ve Cheated – A bad boy has almost always cheated on a girlfriend. Let’s be honest with each other, there is no reason to be a cheater. Again, cheaters like to hop in and hop out and they only think about themselves and if their needs are being met. This includes sexual needs. If you are in a relationship and it’s not working for you anymore, break up with that person! Why drag out something that’s not working? Cheating is never an accident or acceptable.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses– Bad boys have excuses for EVERYTHING! Instead of the bad boy just having a straight answer for why they did or didn’t do something, they will come up with an excuse, never really owning up to the action you are questioning.

1+1=3?- A bad boys story will never completely add up or they might tell you something one day, and on another day you might hear them add something else or tell a slightly different story.

No Time– In the beginning, a bad boy will make time for you whether it be on the phone, in person, instant messaging or via text. But after hes got you where he wants you or hes got what he wanted, slowly but surely the amount of time he gives you will slowly start to fade. Instead of being the center of attention, you’re fighting for attention which leaves you confused and wondering what happened.

Talk the Talk– A bad boy will always talk the talk but most likely never walk the walk. They are big talkers, they will promise you the world (or things within their reach) but when it comes to following through, it rarely happens.

No responsibility– One thing about a bad boy is that they are boys hiding in men clothing. No matter how old they are, they have the mentality of a boy. So don’t expect bad boys to “man up” or take responsibility for their actions because after all, boys run and tell their mommies while a real man stands up and takes action.

No doesn’t mean No– Once you have realized the real them and you want to go your separate ways, the bad boy finds a way to remain in your life. They will call you or send you the sweet text message to let you know that you are still on their mind. Don’t fall for it, stand your ground and stick to your word.

Now just because a guy you are seeing has one or two of these characteristics, doesn’t mean that that he is a bad boy but if he has most or all of these characteristics…chances are you dating a bad boy. I’m not going to tell you what to do (RUN RUN!!!!) but now you know what to be on the lookout for.

Can you turn a bad boy into a husband? Good luck! Give it a try if you’d like, but don’t cry to your friend when you get hurt once your feelings are involved. Yes, bad boys can change, but they have to want to change. Never go into any relationship thinking you can change someone, bad boy or not. Change comes from within not by force.