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Apparently there has been a text conversation circling on the internet where this women starts acting crazy via text. Basically the text conversation stars off normal but goes on for hours with the women sending him text after text with no response. And last but not least, the women ends up at the parking lot near his house waiting to “talk” to him. Ladies/Fellas…please don’t ever be this person. This text conversation is a great example of what crazy looks like and things NOT TO DO when you meet someone…or ever! Of course, this is probably an extreme example and the person on the other end had every right to no longer be interested in her. What do you say to someone you barely know but clearly needs? I’m pretty sure we have all dated someone like this. If you think the person you are dating might be crazy the best thing to do is give them an explanation of why you no longer want to talk to them. Make sure it’s not offensive (for example, don’t call them crazy because crazy people don’t like that).  Letting them down easy is a lot better than just ignoring them. Also, instead of having the person come to your house. Have them meet you somewhere. That way if the person is crazy, they won’t pop up at your house like the woman in the text message.