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I know, I know, I know, sometimes pretty women can be looked at as the devil. Why? Because society tends to put this up on the imaginary pedestal which make pretty women feel unobtainable and evil. Not to mention all of the negative stereotypes floating around about them. Misconceptions and stereotypes can be damaging, and there is nothing worse then labeling someone before you meet them. Instead of assuming, how about giving a pretty woman a chance? Here are a some misconception about pretty women that just are not to true about all of them.

They have tons of men knocking on their door– Contrary to popular belief, not all pretty women have a flock of men waiting to date them. In fact, they tend to be very selective with who they date and just like any other women, they enjoy quiet nights alone or spending time with their family and friends. Not all of her time is spent dating.

They are taken– Never, never, never assume that just because she is pretty she is in a relationship. Pretty women tend to be single because guys are afraid to ask them out and she is afraid to be the aggressor and ask him out. Nothing is more disappointing to her then having a good conversation with guy only to have him walk away without exchanging information.

They aren’t smart– I don’t know when and how the misconception arose that pretty equaled dumb. In the 21st century(you know, the one we are in now), pretty women are owning their intelligence and making something of their lives.  They are just as educated, professional, and successful as any other women. Not all pretty women have a goal of becoming a model and capitalizing off of their looks.

They are gold diggers– Not all pretty women are looking for a sugar daddy. Going back to the point made above, pretty women do focus on bettering themselves and can be very independent.

The only thing they have going for them is their attractiveness– Negative! If I had a dollar for every time I heard that all pretty woman are airheads and they have a bad personalities, I would be rich. Pretty women have depth, they have great personalities, they read, they enjoy intellectually stimulating activities and conversations. Stop taking away the beauty she has on the inside based on the beauty she has on the outside. Pretty women are more than just arm candy.

They have drama or they are crazy– C’mon really? All women have experienced a bad break up, a horrible ex, a crappy childhood, etc. No women is exempt from bad experiences….period. How a woman handles and grows, or crumbles, from it is based on her level of maturity. It has nothing to do with her level of attractiveness.

They are unapproachable–  I am not going to say they are super approachable, but you have to realize pretty women probably get approached more frequently. So if you want to approach a pretty women, come correct. Don’t come with a cheesy pick up line you heard from a 90’s sitcom and don’t start off by focusing on the obvious. Come with something original. Does the color of her dress compliment her? Is she reading an interesting book?  Once you have her attention, don’t stop there! So many men get her attention but are afraid to follow through. Don’t be afraid to tell her you would like to get to know her better.

They only like assholes– This couldn’t be more false! Maybe pretty women end up with assholes because those are the only men who have the courage to approach them. Pretty women, like any other women, enjoy the company of a good guy as well.

They would never go for a guy like you– Stop selling yourself short my dear friend! Just because she is pretty doesn’t mean she is looking for a rich guy who owns a beach house in Miami, she might be looking for a sweet intelligent guy just like you! Never forget, you miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. So by assuming she would never go out with you, you might have missed out on the opportunity to get to know a really great woman.

At the end of the day, pretty women are women too. They like the same things that every other women likes and they just want to be loved by a guy deserving of them. Don’t sell yourself short by assuming that a pretty woman is out of your league or that she will never talk to you. At the end of the day, all women are looking for something and you can’t assume that one particular group of women are looking for one particular thing. Yes, her DNA gave her looks, but I can guarantee her DNA also gave her other amazing qualities as well. Give her a chance, and if shes not interested pick yourself up and try again. Rejection is a part of life but don’t let that make your feel defeated and stereotype the next pretty woman that comes your way.