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According to a recent study by the Washington Post, respondents were asked the question “How happy is your life compared to that of people who are married or in long-term relationships,” 41.1% of people who took the survey said they don’t think there is much difference, 21.1% of respondents thought they were some what happier, and 11.4% of respondents thoughts that they were happier. Out of 100%, 73.6% of respondents thought that they were either happier, somewhat or equally as happy as those who were in a committed relationship/married. When asked “Are you actively looking for a serious relationship with a romantic partner,” 59.5% of respondents said they are not actively looking but would be open to a relationship if the right person came along.

**Keep in mind that the average age of the survey participants was 46.2 years old. Women made up 82 percent of the respondents; men, 18 percent. Which makes more sense because the older you get the harder dating becomes and the more likely one is to be settled in “their ways.”

A single person is single for a reason.  Those reasons range from taking time out for yourself, focusing on other aspects of life, can’t find the right person, just ended a relationship, etc. Either way, your single because you haven’t met the right person for YOU yet. I always say, it’s better to be single and happy than to miserable with someone. If you are the kind of person doesn’t need someone to feel complete, good for you. So many people stay in bad relationships because they don’t want to be alone while sacrificing their happiness in the process. I say screw that!

After my awful experiences, I’d honestly say I’m happier being single than miserable with any of the guys I’ve when out with. But…there is always a but, I get excited at the thought of finding someone I would be willing to and is WORTH me putting time and effort into. But until that day, I’m enjoying being single and exploring life. Of course, being single does get lonely there is no denying that. There are times that single people wish they had that special someone to come home to or share things with. While you are waiting for your ideal mate, there are always friend and family who would love to spend time with you and do fun things with you.

So the answer to my question would be: yes single people are happier than people who aren’t happy in their current relationship.

What do you think? Do you agree with the Washington Post survey?