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I was listening to the radio today and someone mentioned  how Rihanna is considering breast implants to please Chris Brown even though she ‘s not a fan of breast implants and how she is happy with her current breast size. Kim Kardashian is getting rid of her entire wardrobe because her beau Kanye West asked her to. Is it just me or are these men’s requests ridiculous!? I know a relationship is all about compromise, but when do you put your foot down and say that that is not something I am willing to compromise on? As a woman, it’s ok to say no to something that you aren’t 100% comfortable with. You shouldn’t and you are not obligated to do everything your man asks you to do because it will make him happy. The question is, will you be happy or will this change make you happier?

It is one thing to keep a man and it is another thing to keep a husband. There is a huge difference. A man is a man while a husband is someone who took his time to get to know you, grow with you, and commit to you. See the difference? It is one thing to give up something for a man that is committed to you versus giving up things or doing things for a man that you are in a fluid relationship with. If my boyfriend wanted me to, for example, drastically change my hair (color and cut) my first questions are going to be what’s wrong with my current hair style and why all of a sudden  do I nee d to make this change  for you? If my husband asked me to get change my hair I would probably consider it if I was up for the change and we had a healthy and strong relationship. Its all about compromise, however, the things that you should be willing to compromise on are things that you feel comfortable with. Not a fan of plastic surgery because you are secure with who you are? Why get it?! He wants a three some and you are totally against it? Why do it?  Yes, it’s all about compromise but it’s also about compromising on something that you feel comfortable with. Does your man want you to cut your hair and you were already considering it? Then why not do it! Both of you want the same things. See the difference?