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Love is such a powerful emotion and lets face it we have all done some things in tstopinthenameoflovehe name of love, some good and some bad. Love can either be that sunshine we feel on a lovely summer day or it can feel like that hurricane that we dread because we know its going to tear shit up. There are probably a million and one things that I could write about that you should do in the name of love, but that would be boring (and super long). What I want to focus on is things that I am tired of seeing people do in the name of love. You know, that stuff that people do that comes back later to bite them in the ass…really hard. That stuff that you will later regret because a love spell had been cast over your mind and caused you to put on rose-colored glasses. Yeah, that kind of love.

Things to STOP Doing in the Name of Love:

  • Having Babies– While children are wonderful, we have to stop having babies by men who love us but won’t fully commit to us. Sure, he loves/likes you enough to sleep with you but does that means he likes/loves you enough to make an honest women out of you? If the answer is no, then maybe you should rethink having that man’s baby. Don’t let a man paint this pretty picture of what cold be, make sure his actions back up his words. If a man is serious about having a child with you, he will take the necessary steps to make you his…forever. Without a proper commitment, the relationship can change at any time. Sure, he could marry you after the baby is born but whats changed from conception to birth that he couldn’t marry you before? Unless you are okay with being a single mom if the relationship goes south, don’t do it!
  • Staying with the WRONG Person– We get it, you love him/her so much it hurts but that person treats you like crap or the relationship sucks. You think you won’t find someone else or you don’t want to start over. Well, I’m here to tell you to suck.it.up! If you are miserable in your situation because they treat you bad or you all aren’t compatible, let that person go. Sure it will hurt, but nothing hurts worse than wasting time in a relationship you are not truly happy in. You can’t get back time so why would you waste it with someone who is not worthy of it? Not to mention you are missing out on the guy/gal who is right for you if you are stuck in a going nowhere relationship.
  • Tolerate Bullshit– You know the bullshit I am talking about; the lies, cheating, broken promises, not following through on their word, the mixed emotions, etc. If no one has told you today, you are worth more.
  • Disrespect– We all of heard about the Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown fiasco. Don’t be that girl, don’t let someone keep disrespecting you. He/she will never respect a person they know they can walk all over. You will keep getting your feelings hurt time and time again if you keep taking that person back.
  • Make a Sex Tape– We’ve all seen how this will backfire in your face like a fully loaded gun! Just don’t do it because you never really know how it could come back and bite you. Enough said.
  • Things That Make You Uncomfortable– Don’t be the yes man/woman. If you feel uncomfortable with something your partner is asking you to do SPEAK UP. If this person really loves you, they will respect your decision on the issue, not try to pressure you or make you feel bad for not wanting to do it. If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it? No, because you probably don’t want to die or be badly injured. So why would you do something that didn’t make you feel comfortable, because of love?
  • Ignoring the Red Flags– Red flags are there for a reason, they give you little glimpses of issues you are probably going to deal with in the relationship’s future or, as I like to call them, signs from God that you should run! Whatever you like to call them, don’t ignore them because chances are they will come out as bigger issues later.