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Plain Jane has been winning for a while. Think about it. How many married people do you know that are actually with women who are resemble beauty queens? Not that many. For instance, remember that show The Swan? Most of the contestants on the show were married with loving husbands and happy families. Most of their husbands didn’t want their wives to go through the dramatic transformation, in fact one of the contestants husband actually filed for divorce after she underwent the surgeries. Hollywood is constantly telling us lies that women have to be “perfect” when in reality there is no such thing as a perfect person. Sure, celebs might look perfect but they also have access to excellent photographers, great lighting, a  professional make up and style team (to help hide their imperfections), and good ol’ Photoshop. But in reality, they have just as many flaws and imperfections as we do. Cellulite?  They have it. Stretch marks? I can guarantee they have them too. I read an article titled Five Unusual Turn-Ons for Men and Plain Jane came in at number 4. Not Bad! According to Neicy Nash’s segment Lets Talk About Love “men want to date Barbie, but want to marry the girl next door.”

The moral of the story is that you don’t have to be perfect to love yourself or to get a boyfriend. Loving yourself for who you are and being confident is what will really attracts people to you. Makeup can hide your flaws but it won’t cover up your insecurities.