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Lets be honest, everyone is a self proclaimed good person. Kind of how vendors tell you their fake designer items are the real thing. You will probably never catch a person talking about how mediocre or bad of a person they are just like you would never hear the vendor telling you how shoddy the quality is of their fake merchandise is. Everyone wants to think they are good, even though their action and intentions don’t match up with their thochucky_goodguy01ughts and just like that fake Gucci bag, it may look real in the beginning but eventually you start to realize that the quality is just not quite the same as the real one. Don’t be fooled by the fake nice guys out there! Here are some characteristics that you are mostly likely guaranteed to find when you meet a true good guy.

1. They Care and are Genuine– A good guy genuinely cares about you and your well being. Had a bad day? He is there for you when you need a shoulder to lean on and will even take the extra step to do something to show you how much he cares. It might be a small gesture like sending you an inspirational quote or taking you out for a cheer up dinner.

2. They Appreciate You– None of your efforts go unnoticed. Did you make make dinner but it turned out horribly? No worries . They are the ones who will pat you on the back and say good job. Its not the disaster, its the thought that counts and they appreciate the thought.

3. They Acknowledge Your Feelings– We all argue, but a good guy will acknowledge your feelings in the situation not just his own. If he said or did something to make you upset he will listen to you and not be afraid to say sorry. He is willing to be the bigger person and will rarely push your feelings to the side.

4. They Communicate– The lines of communication are always open.  Why bother assuming what is going on when he can just ask you and get the answer directly from the source?

5. They Are Understanding–  A good guy doesn’t need to get back at you or act spiteful when things don’t go there way. He understands that you need a girls night out every once in a while, that you didn’t respond to his text because you were in a meeting, etc.

6. They Don’t Play Games- Games are for children and a good guys knows this…period. He doesn’t need t play a game of tit for tat because that’s being petty. Didn’t text him back for a few hours, no problem. He doesn’t need to wait a few hours to text you back to make things even. He understands the basic principles of communication and honesty and doesn’t want to waste your or his time in the process.

7. They Are Honest- Why lie when you can just tell the truth? A good guy understands the principle that honesty is the best policy even if it doesn’t give the most favorable results. They know that you will respect them 100 times more by telling you the truth instead of catching them in a lie.

8. They Are NOT A Self Proclaimed Good Guy- Beware of the self proclaimed good guys. These guys almost always have to tell you they are good because deep down inside the know they suck. They probably believe that if they keep saying it, eventually it will be true…false! Actions speak louder than words and a good guy knows this. He doesn’t need to tell you that hes a good guy because his actions, not his words, will do the talking.

9. They Want You To Be Happy- Even if it is not with him, he wants you to be happy, in life and in love. Of course, he will do what it takes within his power to make you and to keep you happy. His day is made when he sees that smile on your face because he knows that you are in a good happy space.

10. They Are Supportive– What ever your goals, dreams, and aspirations are, he is there to support you in anyway. The will give you constructive criticism when needed but will never tell you your ideas won’t pan out (unless its just a super ridiculous idea). He will be your cheerleader not your naysayer.

11. They Doesn’t Judge– We all have a past and we have moments that are not our best. A good guy understands this and will never use your past against you to hurt you. He understands that no one is perfect but everyone learns from their mistakes (but only if you have actually learned).

We have all been fooled once or twice by the self proclaimed good guy that ends up being the bad guy. Actions always speak louder than words and no matter how much a mediocre guy tells you he is a good guy, his actions will almost always give him away. Don’t continue to be fooled and don’t continue to give the self proclaimed good guy the time of day. A person will eventually show their true colors and once they are shown, take it at full face value. Sometimes good guys may not come in the perfect package, but don’t turn down a good guy for a shiny wrapper (AKA the bad guy). A good guy will always be #teamyou and that’s most definitely they kind of guy you want on your team!