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Why do men always complain about buying their wife or girlfriend a gift Valentine’s Day? Clearly they did not read my blog  the little things that make women happy.  You chose your woman for a reason, so why are you complaining about making her feel special? Women do a lot, and we just want to feel appreciated. Valentine’s Day is the national holiday to show your love AND appreciation for your partner. And yes, I’ve heard the “If you love your woman you should make her feel special everyday, not just on Valentines Day” excuse one too many times. Lets face it, how many guys GENUINELY let your partner know how much she means to you everyday? I’m going to guess its not the majority.  If you think about it, the average women only gets about 2 holidays, 3 if she’s married,  a year. The holidays being Christmas and her birthday. Fellas, is it really going to kill you to add an additional holiday to the 2 she gets out of 365 days? Not to mention you had many single years you didn’t have to even think about Valentine’s Day.

Bottom line: She just wants to feel special and appreciated. Put effort into the day and gift to make her feel special and to show how much you appreciate her. That’s it.

Now ladies, this goes for you to. Don’t expect a gift from your guy and not make an effort to give him one in return. If you want to feel special on this day you should make him feel special as well.