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Most of us ladies have dating rules/restrictions, which tend to be things we will not do until we have reached a certain time frame. For instance, I am pretty sure you have all heard of the 90 days rule. If you haven’t, it’s the rule that means a woman will not sleep with a guy until after she has known him for 90 days. Does it work? Good questions!  Since most women have their list of dating rules and restrictions, the best thing to do is…drum roll… not disclose them to the person you are dating until you are sure it is going somewhere**. Why? Because men love a good challenge and by knowing your rules and restrictions upfront, they know exactly how long to stay around and when to leave. My suggestion would be to keep them to yourself unless you see the relationship going somewhere. Not disclosing your dating rules isn’t lying  because if a guy is truly interested in you, then he should be willing to wait for it, whether it be 5 dates or 90 days. If a guy knows that you have a five date rule and he is not that interested in you, he might be willing to stick around until the fifth date just to get some action. By disclosing your five date rule to him, you already let him know that he is guaranteed some type of action  if he takes you out five times.  Guys can become academy award winning actors when it comes to getting sex. Which means, if they are not interested in you they will tell you what you want to hear to keep you around to get what they want and keep it moving once he gets it. Now, if things do get hot and heavy on the third date and you strictly enforce your fifth date rule, let him know that you’d rather take things slow instead of rushing into something and you will know when the time is right. If he is OK with that then he will respect your boundaries. If he is not OK with that, he will keep trying to overstep your boundaries.

**The only exception to this rule would be if you are waiting for marriage. I would suggest you revealing this sooner than later because a guy might not be willing to wait 5 years and if he is, more power to him!