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One of the things that women should try and learn is what they should and should not be putting up with from men. One of the things that you should no longer tolerate is their bull shit. You might ask, what is your definition of bull shit? Ha, I feel like there are a lot of things that fall in that categories but one of the main subject headers is Games. Men play so many games its exhausting. Just say what you want and be direct instead of playing mind games.  Some men are so crafty with their words that they can easily weave a web of lies and deceit that women get caught in it and get trapped. It makes me sad when I see women so hung up on bull shit that they can’t see through to the truth on the other end.

Bull Shit Scenarios Women Should No Longer Tolerate:

  • He doesn’t call or text you back in a timely fashion = He’s not that into you
  • He says he likes you but he doesn’t call you or make time for you except for sex = Hes only telling you want you want to hear to keep you around for the sex
  • He never takes you out and only wants you to come over late= Hes only interested in a sexual relationship
  • You text him and/or call him and he doesn’t respond = Stop texting and/or calling him because hes not interested
  • He tries to have sex with you soon after meeting you or he always wants to talk about sex = Hes only interested in a sexual relationship
  • He talks a big game but his actions never match up = Hes keeping you around for his own personal gain
  • He always has excuses to why he hasn’t called/texted/hung out = Hes  telling you what you want to hear to keep you around
  • Hes an asshole for no reason = Run!
  • You’re always making up excuses for the way he treats you= Hes going to treat you however you allow him to treat you. Put your foot down
  • He tells you he doesn’t want a relationship= He really DOESN’T want a relationship, but he will keep you around for the sex
  • He tells you hes not sure what he wants= Hes not sure what he wants with/from you

Men: Just be honest with women and stop leading women on! Stop making women feel like you like them to keep them around for your own personal gain. That’s all women really want. I think that sometimes men forget that women can handle honesty and just because you are honest doesn’t mean you will scare us away or get what you want. Honesty just helps women mentally prepare for the future outcome of a relationship, friendship, FWB, etc.

Ladies: See the situation for what it is and not for what you want it to be. If a guy likes you, he will make it happen and do what it takes to be with you. PERIOD! Making up excuses for his behavior is pointless. See it for what it is and move on to someone who will treat you with respect. If you can see through the bull shit, men can pretty much be black and white. Its their mind games that complicate things.  Learn how to see through their shit!