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I have decided to end my blog for now. I first started my blog after I asked myself the question “why are you single?”. That question sparked a two year love affair with writing and trying to figure out the ends and outs of relationships. Finding out what works and what doesn’t work and how to make myself a better person for the next guy who comes along and is worth my time and energy. I have learned A LOT in my journey. I have learned a lot about relationships, friendships, love, and most importantly MYSELF. My blog is like my baby, a baby that I have nurtured and put time and energy into.

Take- A-Way

The most important lesson that I learned about love/relationships is tolerance. Loving someone and being in a relationship is all about what you are willing to tolerate. Some people are willing to tolerate very little and some people are willing to tolerate a lot. Everyone says “I want some one to like/love me for me” but the fact of the matter is everyone has things that they need to work on from a personal standpoint. No one is perfect. No one, not even you! Before finding someone, work on yourself and your issues instead of trying to hand them off to the next person and expect that person to to fix them or accept them.  The only person who can fix you, is you.

Thanks to everyone who has followed, read, and commented on my blog. I appreciate your support so much!

XOXO CELovetalk

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