I wonder what it’s like to be loved by a man
To have him touch your hand
For him to understand
The day you went through
For him to be in truly in love with you

I don’t know what it feels like
To be loved by a man
I’ve only been hurt by men
And used by men
Being told how much they love me
To get what they wanted from me
To lie to me
To continuously hurt me

To tell me they love me
Only to have other girls in their phone
To leave me all alone
And tell me my feelings don’t matter
And that I’m overreacting
When I catch them in their lies
Knowing they’ve been between
Another women’s thighs
They leave me all alone when I cry

I bet being loved by a man can be great
To have him hold you
And tell you that you are the only one
He will ever love….and mean it
To take you out
And treat you like you are his
And his alone and forever
To make you feel loved
To make you feel secure
To make you feel wanted

I only know one way to feel love from a man
To feel your heart-break
Over and over again
To be told you’re great
But end up with another woman
To hold your hand
But to only let it go
When other people are watching
To feel sorrow and their pain
Only see the rain
With maybe a few sunny days
That make you feel in awe
But only for a short while
Then you’re back to wondering
Why did I ever fall in love?

Maybe one day I’ll be loved by a man
By someone who understands
And loves me for
Who I am