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The other day I stumbled upon an article that was discussing how Facebook is defining relationships. According to the article “In the age of social networking, many don’t consider relationships real until Facebook tells them so. Known as ‘Facebook official’.”  We’ve all heard people say, if it’s on Facebook, it must be official because now a days people put their whole life on Facebook or twitter. People always say “Whats the big deal, it’s just Facebook/Twitter/MySpace?” That’s like saying in 1991, he/she didn’t return my phone call, whats the big deal? But it is a big deal! Social media has integrated its way into our everyday life, it’s actually apart of life. Social media is a way that people connect and communicate  with their friend and family all over the world

Facebook helps validate our relationships. It proves to the world, or to family and friends, that yes, I am in a relationship or I am friends with this person and I want you to know it. That is why people get so offended when you delete them from your friends list or end a relationship with the, because it’s basically like saying we are no longer friends. So yes, people take Facebook seriously and you can’t get mad at them for doing so.

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