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After watching happythankyoumoreplease (relatable character: Annie), Friends With Money (relatable character: Olivia) and conversing with a friend about my love life, I came up with a list of the five kinds of guys that I meet and/or are attracted to me.  These are the five kind of men that have really been consistent in my life. Even though this list is quite funny, I can’t help but think: What is about me that attracts these kind of guys or why are these guys drawn to me? I’m pretty sure there is logical reasoning, but what the reason is, I’m still trying to figure that out.

Ready, Ok! Here is my list:

  • Mr. Too Young– These guys are usually the most attractive but their age range tends to be between 22-25 years old. While that’s not super young, most of these guys aren’t looking for a commitment but only to have a good time.
  • Mr. Issues Sigh…I tend to run into this guys A LOT. The issues range from being hurt by an ex, mom issues, not quite sure of their sexuality, married, insecure, drug habits, cheating, delusional, etc.
  • Mr. Emotionally Unavailable– These are the guys who are my type but they don’t want a relationship for what ever reason.
  • Mr. Not My Type– We have nothing in common, our interest and outlook on life are completely different.
  • Mr. Small Penis– Yes, I said it! These  guys are my type as well but are lacking in a certain area if you know what I mean.  I am looking for someone to satisfy me emotionally, PHYSICALLY, and financially. Sorry fellas, I need all three.

It is not unusual for a guy to be a mixture of two or three of these types.  The question is: Where can I find a guy that aren’t any of these types??