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I’ve never understood the difference between meeting a person in a club vs a bar.  I’ve met shitty people in both so they all seem the same to me. My guy friend explained the club thing to me. He said that guys go to clubs to meet girls to bring them home…and you know. Which if you think about it that’s kind of true. When girls go to the club their mission is to look their best.  They make sure their hair and make up are perfect, they usually have on the tightest dress, shortest skirt or lowest cut shirt, they are most likely dancing provocatively, and they have been drinking. The music is usually super loud so you can barely hear the person talking to you. So its everything is based on attractiveness. The perfect recipe for a sex cocktail. The club is all about showing off your assets which could be an ass, boobs, Gucci shoes, money, etc. Think about it, there are people who go to the club and spend thousands of dollars on a table and a few overly priced bottles of alcohol.

A bar on the other hand is more open for social interaction. Most people come to the bar as they are and they are looking for a good time, ie socializing with friends, meeting new people, sharing some laughs with co-workers/friends, etc. Most people come to the bar to drink socially, not get wasted. Because the bar scene is all about socializing, you actually get a chance to get to know someone before you decide to give them your number. I actually know two people who have met their husband in a bar, but I only know guys who have met their baby mothers in the club. See the difference?

At the end of the day, where you meet someone is your preference. The goal is to get to actually get to know the person you are interested in  to see what he/she is all about.