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According to Mila Kunis, hot girls don’t have guys knocking down their door. She couldn’t be more right! People assume because a girl is hot it means that she has a plethora of men dying to be with her, when in all actuality that’s not the case. Very attractive women aren’t exempt from dating woes. In fact they have a harder time finding men because they have to weed through all the guys that A) just want to screw them because they’re hot B) wants to use her for bragging rights and C) deal with men who are insecure and don’t think they are deserving of someone who looks that good and assumes that their hot girlfriend will probably cheat on them. Not to mention all the stereotypes hot girls already have working against them. Those stereotypes range from assumptions that they are already taken, she’s a bitch, she has “issues,” she’s a gold digger, or she’s stuck up. When in reality, most hot girls aren’t like that at all.  The thing about it is, hot girls are people just like everyone else. They want to be loved, liked, successful, happy, etc.

So fellas, next time you see a hot girl and you catch her looking at you…go up to her. She might just be interested 🙂