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Certain women just give it up so easy that men are starting expect it! I’m not saying all women, but you know who you are. Ladies! Take charge of your vagina and stop giving it away to anyone and everyone who hints that they want it.  As you may know, I watch Jersey Shore ( good Lord please let this be the last season) and I can’t help but notice how easy the women give it up to the men of the house. I don’t know if  women give it up so freely to them because of their celebrities status, they want 5 minutes of fame or what but this has to stop. If you watch the show you know whats going to happen, they are going to go home with Pauly D/Vinny/The Situation, get poked, get cabed, and probably never get spoken to again.  The even crazier thing is that women are cool with this! And I’m pretty sure this goes on at the shore and other places in America WITHOUT the cameras.

This blog is not meant to pass judgement on women who are free with their sexuality ( more power to you, if it makes you happy, and all that jazz), I’m just saying tone it down. Now a days women are giving it up so easy that men don’t even need to work for it, they just invite you over and its a done deal. Think about it, we have the one things that most men want (the vagina). Men have fought for it, killed for it, died for it,  even uprooted their whole kingdom for it. As you can see, your vagina has a lot of power! So why give up all your power/leverage so soon? Make a man earn the vagina. A man will only treat you the way you allow him to treat you. If you act like a piece of ass don’t expect him to treat you like a girlfriend or make you his girlfriend.