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Ever wonder what makes a woman fall for a guy or stay in love with one. It’s not diamonds or money (even though that’s nice), it’s the little things. If you fellas  haven’t caught on yet, doing  little things shows her that you care and actually listen to her. One might ask, what are these little things you speak of? Tips are provided below.

  • Bring her flowers– It doesn’t need to be a special day or occasion, just because will do just fine.
  • Remember important dates- We all forget things, its human nature. But forgetting an anniversary (first day you made it official or wedding), a birthday, etc., is bound to get you couch time. To avoid missing future dates, save them on your phone or computer calendar.
  • Text/Email Just Because– Not everything has to be a conversation. A simple “I love you,” “just thinking about you,” I miss you,” or “can’t wait to see you” will do.
  • Help out around the house- I can’t stress this enough. Women love when their guy helps out around the house WITHOUT being asked. You probably hate doing chores but she probably does too!  So go ahead and take out the trash, clean the kitchen, vacuum the living room. I guarantee she will be thankful.
  • Cook– Women love being catered too, it makes us feel like a queen. Cook for her every now and then. Don’t know how to cook? Order something and have it all set up to make it look like you cooked.
  • Say Thank You– Women do a lot these days. We work, cook, clean, take care of the kids, etc. You will be surprised how showing appreciation and gratitude will go a long way.
  • Valentines Day and Special Dates– Get get her something…NICE! Don’t settle for a box chocolates and a card from the drug store. That has “I put little to no effort in this gift” written all over it. You don’t need to spend a fortune either, it can be a sentimental gift.  Write a poem, have a candle lit dinner for two, make her a photo collage. I guarantee she will appreciate any gift you put effort into.
  • Special night for two– Plan a special night together. It can be something a simple as alone time without interruption or maybe a weekend get away to a bed and breakfast.
  • Get along with her family/friends- Sometimes its easier said than done but give it a try. Even if you have to bite your tongue.
  • Admit When You’re Wrong- If you are wrong, just admit it! No need to give her a bunch of excuses.
  • Compliment/Notice Her- Did she cut her hair?  Is she wearing a new outfit? Does she look stunning? Acknowledge it!

Bottom line: Women like to feel special and appreciated, by doing little things it shows just that.