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There are a lot of picky people in this world, and I’m not talking about being picky about shoes or food, I’m talking about people who are extremely picky when it comes to dating. Both men and women are guilty of it. Men just happen to be over analyzers which causes them to be picky and women are just flat-out picky.

One thing that I’ve learned about men from reading dating books and speaking with them  is that men are over analyzers, especially when they first start dating a woman.  Everything a woman says or does is scrutinized or over analyzed, which in my opinion, is totally unfair.

A guy said to me the other day “women who say they are not having sex  until they’re in a relationship are either trying to force a guy into a relationship or are making up for slutting it up in the past.” Huh? and WOW…really?!?!?!  I didn’t know holding out (not having sex) for something you really want ( a relationship) equals being  a past  slut or trying to force something on someone.  I was under the impression that not sleeping with a guy on the first, second, third….eighth date made a woman  respectable. Times have changed?

In my years, I’ve heard all types of  “if a women _____ she’s ______.”  Some of them are quite funny and some of them are quite illogical.  Guys, you have to stop labeling women or assuming a woman is a certain way because of certain things she does or says because chances are you are assuming the wrong things. Give her a chance before you assume the worst. Now, if she tells she’s a slut or says she has issues …please believe her!

I honestly think the rate of single people in America is so high because people are so picky. I heard a women say today that she didn’t know if she wanted to see a guy  again because he put a lot of mayonnaise on his sandwich. What?!?!? Since when did being a lover of mayonnaise become a deal breaker? It’s not like he said he likes to have kinky sexy with the condiment….then I could absolutely see it being a deal breakers.  But the fact that she didn’t want to see him again because he really liked mayonnaise was absurd! How many of us  have friends that like a person that has a lot of qualities that they like but won’t continue to date him because they don’t like the way he dresses, his car, his income, his shoes, his house, his love for something, etc? My point exactly!

I’m not saying settle (never do that),  I’m juts saying give a person a chance before you jump to a conclusion, over analyze a comment, or dismiss them because of  something minor.