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Now that I am almost approaching 30, I can’t help but think, what do I really want from my love life? I mean…really…what do I want? When I’m out  I tend to look at couples and think, is that what I really want? When I look at married couples with their kids, they look happy but unsatisfied. I don’t want to end up like that.   Maybe I feel this way because I’ve never really had a good guy in my life who knocked my socks off (emotionally and physically), maybe I feel this way because I’ve only had bad relationships, maybe I feel this way because I’ve grown accustomed to being single, or maybe I’m just being pessimistic because my dating experience hasn’t been the best. Actually, I think the answer is all of above. My friends keep telling me that I need to change my attitude towards finding love. They are 100% right. As much as I’ve learned  in the past year about myself and love, I should try to think more optimistically about love and finding my prince charming. Sometimes its easier said than done! I would like to hear from women who are in a love funk or a similar situation. How do you prevent yourself from throwing in the towel and how do you remain optimistic when nothing positive seems to happen in this certain area of your life? Comments please!