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Most women don’t know how to be mean and we definitely aren’t good at letting guys down or breaking their hearts. So instead we do something I’d like to call “The Run Around.” The run around is basically not telling a guy you aren’t interested, but instead you give him all the signs you are not interested.  Ok,  I will be the first to say that this is not the best way for women to handle this situation, but it all goes back to us not wanting to look like the bad guy or in our case gal. It is sort of how  a guy will lead a girl on he is not really interested in because he doesn’t want to  hurt her and look like the bad guy. You fellas/ladies know what I’m talking about…. the “He’s not that into you” routine. As women, we  just hope that men would get the hint more often and sooner than later.

How to know she is giving you the run around:

  • We cancel plans…a lot– Chances are we will agree to go on another date with you (chances are because you’ve pressured us) to keep you happy but when the time comes around we end up canceling the date because….we don’t want to go.
  • We won’t  give you set plans–  Sure, we say we would like to go out again (to appease you) but in reality we aren’t interested. So we will leave it at “sure, we can go out again” but never make our schedule readily available.
  • We don’t respond to your texts/emails/phone calls right away or ever– A for sure sign that you are being given the run around. If we are interested, we will show you some attention, I promise!

Please don’t interpret this post as women are mean because we are the exact opposite. Think about it, no one is good at letting another person down unless they are getting paid to do it. We are sensitive creatures and we know how bad it hurts to be let down, so we try to avoid it at all cost! Just know this, if  a woman is interested she will make her self available  to hang out and correspond with you. It’s just as simple as that. So if you feel that the lady you are interested in is not available at all, chances she is not interested. Take the hint and spend your time pursuing someone who is into you.