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Some people have the odd misconception that saying sorry is a repair all response to something they might have said or done that offended or hurt someone. But sometimes sorry isn’t enough especially when severe damage has been done. Once severe damage has been done, simply saying you’re sorry isn’t going to cut it. You have to prove to this person that they can trust or rely on you in the future. Simply apologizing for severe damage is almost as worthless as the lint in your pocket. That simple apology is not going to make what you did any better or fix the problem you may have caused.  Just think, if you took your car in for repair and the body shop did additional damage to your vehicle, you wouldn’t be satisfied or excepting if they just said sorry and expected you to pay for the damages, right? In fact you would be livid, demand to speak to the manager, warn everyone you know not to take your car there for repair, leave a bad review on Yelp, and never take your car back there again, right? To make it right, you would be expecting an apology and for the repair shop to fix the damage with no additional cost to you. Same concept just a different situation. If you are truly sorry, show that person that you are sorry by helping to repair the damage that you are sorry for causing.  Show that person that you can be trusted again. As I always say, actions speak louder than words. Saying sorry and acting nonchalant about the problem only makes you look bad and not sorry at all. Don’t be surprised when you’re relaxed sorry doesn’t give you the forgiving reaction that you hoped for.