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We’ve all seen a romantic comedy that glorifies the friend turned lover relationship, the movie always ends with big smiles and a dream wedding.  Ok, lets keep in mind that it IS a movie. Truth be told, not all friend turned lover situations end up that way. Can it happen, sure! But proceed with caution. You may think that because you’ve known him/her since you were 12 and he/she knows everything about you that you all would be perfect together. Why not give it a try, you might think. We are already comfortable with each other and he/she is already familiar with all my bad habits.  If you think of it that way, why wouldn’t you give it a try? You also have to think, if we’ve known each other for so long, why haven’t we already given it a try? There has to be a reason that for years you only remained friends and didn’t start off as lovers in the first place or maybe you started out as lovers and turned into friends only to rethink the lover situation again.  The both of you are “just friends” for a reason, maybe things didn’t work out when you tried to be lovers but liked each other enough to remain friends. What ever the reason, you all decided to be friends.  So why all of a sudden is this friend a romantic interest? Good question! For guys it could be a matter of she’s hot I’ve always wanted to, why not? For ladies it could be a matter of we are good friends it might work, why not?  Personally, I think that sometimes friends are better left as friends especially if there is a reason that you both decided to be just friends in the first place.  Not to mention if a friend turned lover situation goes bad, you are putting yourself in a situation to lose a really good friend. Before you decide to take the plunge think long and hard and answer one question: why did the both of you decide to become or start off as friends? Really think about the answer and make your decision from there.  If you decide to remain friends, at least you know you still have a good friend in your corner 🙂