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When two people share such an intimate connection as a relationship, a bond between the two people will always be there even when the emotions are gone. But there comes a time when hanging on to that person does more bad than good in your life. Of course when a breakup is one-sided, one person will always hurt more than the other. The person you are hanging on to had their reasons for going their separate way. So now it’s time for you to go yours. Hanging on to someone doesn’t allow you heal. You constantly feel confused because the person that you love(d) is no longer in your life and you might not be sure what went wrong. When that person comes around or communicates with you, it constantly brings up old feelings, regrets, and emotions. After a break up, it’s ok to limit or end communication with that person until you feel that you are ready to start communicating with them again. Before you end communication, tell them why you feel the need to distance yourself from them and that you will open up the lines of communications once you feel you are ready. I would not suggest ceasing all communications without an explanation. If they truly care about you, they will respect your wishes.

Don’t ever feel bad for distancing yourself from an ex because that person is an ex for a reason. The most important person in that situation is you. When you are emotionally ready, you can extend the olive branch with no hard feelings and if you never want to extend the olive branch because your ex hurt you, that’s ok to.  There is no right or wrong amount of time to heal, take as much time as YOU need