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As you all know I am single, but I’m happy. Relationships have caused me so much drama in the past that it’s nice not having any of that drama! I’m happy where I am in my life and whatever needs to be changed I try my best to make it happen. Please don’t take my “I’m happy being single” as “I’m independent and I don’t need a man”. That, I never said. Of course, if the right man were to come along who enhanced my life, not hindered it, I would gladly accept him with open arms. But until that day, I’m content.

I was having a conversation at lunch with a guy friend yesterday, and he was trying to figure out why I’m still single? I simply smiled and told him I just haven’t found the right man yet (not to mention I used to date the wrong kind of guys). Then he says to me “Well, I just want you to be happy.” Then I thought…who says I’m not happy!?!? I enjoy spending more time with my family and friends and not worrying about the next time I’m going out on a date or when I’m going to find “the one”. I know a lot of people who are in relationships who are unhappy…even going to the extremes of seeking affection and attention in other places. If you ask me, that’s not happiness at all! I know so many people who have a perfect relationship on FB, but complain so much about what their partner isn’t or could be doing behind closed doors. No thank you! To me, less complicated = happiness! I like when things run smoothly or as planned and there is as little confusion and complication as possible.

I’m not saying that you can’t be happy in a relationship, because I know you can. I know plenty of people who are. In order to be happy in a relationship you have to find a person that makes you happy and completes you. Sure, you aren’t always going to be 100% happy with the person you are with but the good times should always outweigh the bad times.  So, until my knight and shining armor comes along, I am happy with the way things are. And that’s OK!