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It almost pains me to write this blog but it also makes me wonder if other women are going through the same situation.

On Friday, I got hit on by two taken men (men in relationships) and a friend’s ex. Of course, I don’t accept their advances because after all 1) I believe in karma and when I do find that someone I don’t want him looking at other women and 2) I want a guy of my own, not someone else’s man or their sloppy seconds.  I can’t lie, it makes me sad. What is it about ME that makes me a target for Mr. Taken? The sad part is they try to peruse me.  I’ll be minding my own business when Mr. Taken approaches me and wants to hold a conversation. The crazy part is that during the conversation he just happens to mention his girl friend or wife.  Is that supposed to make him more desirable or is he just letting me know upfront that he’s taken and he just wants sex? I am happy at the fact that they are honest so I know to stay away. The last thing I want is to find out he is taken when his partner confronts me.  I just don’t get it!

Ladies, if you have been through a similar situation, I would love to get your feedback and how you handled it.