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Everyone has needs, especially sexual needs.  More and more people are entering into a FWB type relationship. Other than sex, what are the real benefits? It’s a proven fact that men are less likely to get emotionally attached and have an easy time separating sex and love. On the contrary, most women tend to be the complete opposite.  Women have a harder time detaching love and sex.  So who is really benefiting? The man of course! He gets the physical and emotional gratification while the woman gets the physical and none of the emotional gratification. I’m not saying rule out a FWB relationship, I’m just saying play it smart!

FWB Rules for the Ladies:

NEVER FALL IN LOVE– I can’t stress this enough!! Why? Chances are you will end up getting hurt because the guy usually doesn’t share your same feelings (and probably never will).  If a man is interested in you outside of the bedroom, he will be seen with you outside the bedroom like taking you out on dates in public, introducing you to your friends, etc.

Be Smart– Take your FWB relationship at face value. Don’t try to make it’s something that it’s not or what you want it to be no matter how great the guys is.

Be Safe– Chances are you are not the only girl he is sleeping with and if you are, he won’t hesitate to sleep with the next girl who comes around.  Use protection every time!

Stop Sharing– He is not your psychologist or your best friend, so don’t unload all of your personal drama on him. Keep conversations simple and pleasant.

Snuggle Time– Its OK to cuddle after, but don’t over stay your welcome. Know when to leave.

FWB Rules for the Fellas:

Stop Being Stingy– This is a woman’s #1 complaint!  Chances are you are her only FWB so stop acting like you are too busy to have sex with her. After all, she is offering you sex!

Be Honest– If you no longer want to continue having sex with her, let her know.  Don’t string her along. You are FRIENDS with BENEFITS and its OK to end the sexual part of your friendship.

Be Prepared– She’s been waiting all day! Don’t be a 1, 2, or 5 minute man. Make it worth her while!

This probably goes against everything I write about on my blog, but I have been hearing so much about the infamous topic of FWB that I wanted to address it.