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Ok, so I know this blog doesn’t really have anything to do with my normal topics, but J.Lo rocks! She never gives up on her dreams! When she first started as a Fly Girl on In Living Color, she was told by her dance mates that she would never be an actress. Not only is she a successful actress she’s also a  successful singer, entrepreneur, and great mom ( did I mention smoking hot for 42 years old!). One thing that I admire about J.Lo is that she never gives up on love. Even after 5 very public breakups, 3 divorces, and an ex husband that won’t quit, she still continues to move on and push forward in her career and in her love life. Not letting anything get in her path of what she truly wants.  Recently, J. Lo had a performance paying homage to her past yet failed love attempts. I personally think that was her way of letting go of the past and moving forward with her future.  Here are 5 lessons you can learn from J.Lo:

  1. Never Give Up- That includes on love as well. No matter how much pain or heartache you’ve experienced, you can’t let it get the best of you! If you give up, you may miss out on that guy or lady that truly deserves you! It’s OK to take a break, heal, and work on yourself. Just don’t write members of the opposite sex off forever.
  2. Always Strive For Bigger and Better– Use bad situations or breakups  as learning lessons.  If  you strive for mediocre, you will get mediocre. If you strive for greatness you will get greatness!
  3. Don’t Let Yourself Go–  Just because you’re a mom or married doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go!  Keep up on your style and diet to maintain the look you had before marriage or after a family.
  4. 40 is the New 30– Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to feel or look your age.
  5. Be happy with who you are, what you’ve accomplished, how far  you’ve come and never forget where you came from and how it made you who you are today!