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If you had asked me that a year ago, I would have surely said yes. Through all of relationships ups and downs, I can honestly say that there are still some good men out there who are genuinely looking for love and those are the “good guys” that most relationship minded women are seeking. Unfortunately, in this day in age, those guys are sparsely spread. One of my biggest problems, as stated in my blogs, It’s not you, it’s me, I had a tendency to date emotionally unavailable guys (men not looking for a relationship) in hopes that I could sweep them off their feet with my wonderful personality. But after my many failed attempts to change their mind, I realized that if a guy is not interested in a relationship, HE IS NOT INTERESTED IN A RELATIONSHIP! No matter how sweets, charming, loving, caring, sensitive, compassionate, beautiful, supportive, and helpful you are. Don’t get it twisted, the man not interested in a relationship will still hang out with you and have sex with you. He just won’t commit to you and once he feels you are getting too “clingy” he will start playing games and push you away…but still have sex with you. Don’t be fooled, sex is a motivator for any man to stay around. Cut him off and watch how fast he becomes unresponsive.

To answer my original question, my answer is no. All men are NOT dog. There are definitely some great guys out there who are just waiting to find Mrs. Right.  In order to find Mr. Right, you have to stop dating Mr. Wrong or Mr. I Don’t Want A Relationship But We Can Be Friends With Benefits because he most likely will never become Mr. Right.  Get to know the man/men you are interested in to see if you share an important common interest: a relationship. If not, keep it moving and hold out for a guy who can possibly become Mr. Right!