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You go out on a date with a guy you really like and you think things went really well. He tells you he will call you and he never does. Why, you may ask? I hate to break it to you ladies but men are extremely critical, over analytical and picky during the first couple dates. They judge your every comment and action as if you are being interrogated for a crime on the stand. If they didn’t call you back, chances are you did or said something that just didn’t sit well with them. Men are very good a misleading woman by putting on their poker face during the date, hence the reason why most women think the date is going/went well. Not knowing that some of your actions or comments literally made them cringe or change their opinion of you. Not to mention how men throw in “I’ll call you” at the end of the date when in reality they have no intention of calling.

I have been reading a book called Have Him at Hello: Confessions from 1,000 Guys About What Makes Them Fall in Love . . . Or Never Call Back by Rachel Greenwald. This book is amazing! I’ve realized that I am a horrible dater! In the book Rachel divulges the different types of dating styles that don’t get you called back. I realized fall into three categories:

The Flasher- A person who gives away too much information too soon

The Closer- A person who is overly aggressive to find a man and wants to close the deal too soon (I used to be this way when I was on my mission to find a bf lol)

The Ex Factor- The person who talks about their Ex

Fail Fail Fail!! But thanking Amazon for recommending such a great book! If you go on a lot of first dates and very few seconds, like me, I suggest picking up a copy of this book (there is no excuse, I provided you a link at the top :). The books help you discover what kind of dater you are and based on your type how to turn your negative into a positive…and maybe even get a husband out of it. Plus the book gives you feedback from a male’s perspective, which can be extremely helpful.

Another good thing the book teaches you is that when a woman tries to figure out the reason why a man didn’t call her, she is usually wrong 90% of the time! Don’t waste your time trying to figure out with your friends why he didn’t call, be proactive and find out why.