As you al may know, I have slowed down/stopped dating for a while. It’s actually been quite nice. I’ve had a lot of time to focus on myself  and my wants and needs. I’ve also been reading some books  to help improve my dating game!  My phone has been quiet…a little too quiet…but it’s ok. So… This weekend I decided that I was ready, so I thought, to start dating again. Then, I met this guys who just threw it all out the window! Not only is he super obsessed with my looks, he also said some questionable things that made me lose some respect for him. Poor guy! So after my conversation with the guy, I took more steps back and had to really think, am I really ready to get back out there ????  I would say the answer is yes, but dear baby Jesus please let the weirdoes leave me alone!!  Not all men are weirdoes, and I feel kind of bad for calling them that.  If you could just hear some of my stories, you would see why I use that term to refer to some men that way. Since, I’ve been out of the dating game for a while (all of 3 weeks), I guess I will ease my way back in. When I say ease…I mean EASE. Until next time, hopefully I have some good news for you all 🙂