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Disclaimer: I would never date or have sex with a married man nor do I condone anyone who does. I am a true believer in karma. Plus, I want my own man, not someone else’s!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I shall begin. It is not uncommon for women these days to go out with their girlfriends and get hit on by a married man. If you are a respectable female, you will feel uncomfortable. There is nothing wrong with having an innocent conversation with a married man at your job or at the bar, but being with or entertaining a married man any further is strictly off limits.  Don’t be fooled that the married man is looking anything other than sex. While there are many reasons why men cheat, here are some tips on the different kind of married men you might encounter.   


There are three types of married men who try to pick up women:

The Friend

This married man will try to befriend you by making small talk at first. He will never deny the fact that he is married. In fact, he will talk to you about his wife, his life, and his kids as if everything is all good.  Once he’s got you in the friend zone, that’s when he will make his move. He wants you to feel comfortable with the fact that he’s married and wants to give you the impression that you all are just friends by saying things that a male friend would say to you, nothing over the top or too sexual.  Once he’s got you in the “friend zone” that’s when he will start making advances like taking you out to dinner , complementing the way you look , and telling you things he likes about you.

*A man doesn’t just meet a female friend at the bar or befriends the new girl at work to “show her the ropes.” If a man has a female friend she’s probably someone that he has known before he got married and she has met his wife.  Don’t be fooled by the faux friendship he’s offering, if you can’t meet the wife, you’re not a real friend.

The Liar

This is the married man that will not tell you his married. His life is a mystery and you will never know where he lives, where he works, or who his friends are. He rarely takes you out and only wants to come over in the evenings. His phone calls are usually inconsistent and he always claims he’s busy.  If he does spend time with you, he usually takes you somewhere out of town where there will be no spying eyes or interruptions. Somewhere you all will spend days with each other but won’t call you days after you all return.  He usually will never pick up the phone if you call him after a certain time.

 The Unhappily Married

This man will tell you his sob story of how he is unhappy in his marriage because he and his wife no longer get along. He will most likely tell you he is about to or is already separated from his wife. He will most likely be there for you because he is technically “separated.” Once you start getting clingy, he will start telling you that he and his wife are trying to work on things which means less time for you and more time with his wife.  He will constantly complain to you how unhappy he is with her but is trying to make it work for the kids or for financial reasons. To keep you around he might even tell you that he’s going to leave her to be with you, which 95% of the time will never happen.

 Let’s be honest, if a man is married, he should be off limits no matter what he claims to be.  In short, a married man looking to cheat will try to use any and every excuse to get you into bed, don’t fall for it! After the relationship ends you will feel alone and used. Who wants to feel like that anyway? Need an excuse to get out of a uncomfortable situation with a married man?  If he claims he’s separated, tell him you only date divorced men. If he claims he is unhappy, tell him to consider counseling or a divorce.  If he’s looking for a “friend” tell him you don’t befriend married men. Then walk away.