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A bust! I ended up sitting at the bar with a gal pal and chatting about our lives both past and present. Which ended up being a great and enlightening conversation BTW (thanks hun)! I did however get a number from a guy who wrote it on a piece of paper without a name. Then when I asked him what his name was his response was “ you will have to call to find out.” Thanks Mr. 202-XXX-XXXX. I guess I will never know what your name is then *shrugs* . This happy hour got me thinking: Where the hell are the normal people in the DMV?? The ones who don’t come up to you with some random story or horrible pick up line and expect you to be interested. Double sigh!  You have to at least give me an A for effort though, I do keep trying even though I haven’t been having the best luck.  I’m still keeping hope alive!  I am also taking suggestions on where to meet normal people as well, please feel free to interject your suggestions in the comment section of this page. Thanks!